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Let us help you take the stress out of your workday!

Welcome to Bodyworkz Corporate Massage, providers of Workplace Chair-massage around the main centres of New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga, Christchurch).

Welcome to Bodyworkz

We provide on-site, corporate chair massage brought directly to your workplace as well as information resources and products that can help you deal with stress.



Stress in the work place is one of the most common areas of stress in our lives. Even if we love our jobs, stress is an inevitable part of day-to-day performance and impacts both employers and employees alike. Everyone is susceptible because stress is an individual’s perception of the load they carry, no matter your role in your workplace. Stress is good like that, in that it doesn’t discriminate.


And the stress isn’t just physiological, it is physical as well. Hours spent in front of a computer screen starts playing havoc with your posture. Muscles starts to fatigue and causing pain which is the nervous system reacting to the way you sit.



This is where the workplace massage comes in. A lot of people will not take the time to go for regular massages. Cost is an issue, as is the understanding of the benefits. Massage is seen as a treat, not a necessity. However, you do not need a full 1-hour table massage to get the benefits of stress-release. A 15-min chair massage conducted by a trained massage therapist can have the same calming effects on the nervous system.



What We Do:                                                                         

Bodyworkz Corporate Massage provides mobile On-site Chair Massage, brought directly to your office by qualified and experienced massage therapists. We aim to make your experience as easy and hassle free as possible

Workplace chair massage is an easy and convenient way of dealing with the issue of work-related stress, reward your staff and can improve staff morale and workplace performance. Ask us how

Booking sessions on a regular basis is the best way to ensure you get your company paid massages at our cheapest rate. If you book 4 or more sessions in advance not only will you know exactly when your massage day is coming up, there will always be a therapist avaialble for the day that suits you and your team best. Read more about our services and pricing...


Who We Are:

Bodyworkz Corporate Massage has evolved from a 10 year clinically active working background in Therapeutic Remedial massage and Clinical sports massage, and from doing chair massage for... Read more


Just one of many requests we receveid recently:  "Workplace massage needed for very stressed Radiation Therapists - can you help us??"  I am pleased to say that we could help bring some relief on very short notice! 'Bodyworkz Admin 


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